Links to various useful and interesting resources in the web:

Snowflake related

Wikipedia article about snowflake explains snow crystals formation, diversity, symmetry and uniqueness. online guide to snowflakes, snow crystals, and other ice phenomena. Very interesting resource about snowflake physics and photography.
Fantastic snowflakes, artifically grown in laboratory by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, American professor of physics.
Biography of Wilson Bentley, pioneer of snowflake photography, his amazing photos and short film about him; - website by Don Komarechka, professional photographer from Canada, who captures amazing snowflakes in unique technique.

Camera related

Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK), alternate firmware with fantastic abilities (RAW writing, bracketing, scripts, live histogram and more) for many Canon compact cameras.

Image processing

Hugin, freeware panorama stitching package, which also contains very useful commandline utilities: align_image_stack and enfuse.
SmartEdgeDemo, free demo version of SmartEdge fractal upscaling algorithm. This version upscales only 2x, works very slow and have input image size restrictions (larger images can be cutted by parts in graphics editor and reassembled after upscaling), but does very good upscaling.
Seamless canvas textures - free high resolution texture pack. I use it often. - online auto tracing service, which produce excellent vectors from raster images. It offers 2 saves for free after simple registration. - free online tracing service. Great for two-color images. - wonderful free program to create painting-like pictures from photos. Lots of processing modes!

Web design, graphics and scripts - huge photographers community, photo-related social network and reliable image hosting - all-in-one. Flickr gives every user one terabyte photo storage for free! I use it every day: to see work of many wonderful photographers, showcase my photos, and as hosting for my blog's graphics content. 99% of photo and graphic elements in The Keys to December hosted on Flickr.
Lightbox 2 by Lokesh Dhakar - excellent JQuery-based lightbox script.
Social icons set - great minimalistic social icons (free).
Ajax loading GIF generator and - nice loading GIF animations generators (free).

General purpose

7-Zip - file archiver with high compression ratio, many compression methods, modes and settings (free). My archives of RAW source photos and lossless TIFF images packed with it.

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