Monday, July 24, 2017


Real snowflake macro photo: Emerald, small triangular snow crystal with six short straight arms and glossy relief central triangle with simple pattern of straight lines and ridges
Snowflake photo: Emerald (1200 x 900)

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This is tiny triangular snowflake, less than 1.5 millimeters by longest side. This type is one of my favorites, but they are rare and usually small, like this crystal. During my winter photo sessions i always try to find them - their unusual shape instantly attract attention even when seen by naked eye, without help of camera screen with magnified view. This snowflake was the best of all triangles that i've found during winter 2015-16. It's shape, arms and inner pattern of straight lines very simple, but it have it's own beauty of triangular center with volume and glossy surface.

12 identical RAW photos was taken as fast series, aligned and averaged to improve SNR (signal / noise ratio) of this picture. I used glass background with LED back lighting and simple macro setup, containing Canon Powershot A650is with additional lens Helios 44, reversely mounted in front of built-in camera optics.

Here is version in alternate colors:

Real snowflake macro photo: Ruby, tiny snow crystal of triangular type with six short, simple arms without branches and glossy central hexagon with geometric pattern of lines and ridges
Snowflake photo: Ruby (1200 x 900)

Here you'll find two other triangular snow crystals - Enigma and Four directions:

Closeup snowflake picture: Enigma - weird triangular snow crystal with three big slopes on edges and unusual outer pattern of thin carvings, sparkling on pale gradient backgroundSnowflake image: Four directions - rare triangular snow crystal with simple pattern of straight lines and ridges inside, glittering on pale blue background

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