Sunday, January 15, 2017

NowThis: Amazing macro photographs of snowflakes

Nice video clip by NowThis News features my snowflake photos:

Amazing Macro Photographs of Snowflakes

These up-close photos of snowflakes are incredibly fascinating

Posted by NowThis 14 January 2017.

And here is six similar videos - by The LAD Bible, MinuteBuzz,, Enjoy.Science, Bored Panda and Voice of America:

Amazing snowflakes

These snowflakes are awesome

Posted by The LAD Bible 15 January 2017.

Il filme des flocons de neige en gros plan pour un résultat in...

Tout un univers magique et onirique qui se dévoile 😮

Posted by minutebuzz 17 January 2017.

La spettacolare struttura dei fiocchi di neve posti sotto la "...

Fotografare un fiocco di neve in modo così nitido non è per niente semplice, ma questo fotografo ha sviluppato una tecnica personale ;-)
Scopri di più sulla tecnica di Alexey Kliatov:

Posted by 21 January 2017.

Magnified snowflakes

Now you can marvel at their beauty without fearing lest they melt.
via Alexey Kljatov,

Posted by Smart is the New Sexy 17 January 2017.

Stunning close-ups of snowflakes:
by Alexey Kljatov:

Posted by Bored Panda 23 May 2017.

Beautiful snowflakes

Beautiful snowflakes: A Russian man uses Soviet-made lenses to reveal the magical world of snowflakes.
Courtesy: Alexey Kljatov (RFE/RL)

Posted by Voice of America - VOA 23 December 2017.

Here you'll find all snowflake videos.