Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eye of the night

This is re-processing of old moon photo: brighter, with slightly better resolution and lower noise. In fact, this is not real photo, but photo manipulation:

Super zoom photo of half moon with surface details behind the night clouds
Moon picture: Eye of the night

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Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com.

Moon itself was captured with this strange construction as 48 identical RAW photos. The only difference between them is small shift of moon in every photo: zoom level is high enough to make moon movement easily noticeable even at short exposures. Long exposures is not applicable because of motion blur.

After capturing moon series, i captured surrounding clouds with much lesser zoom, also as short series. Moon and cloud stacks was aligned and averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio, processed separately, and blended together at final stage. I applied pseudo-HDR processing to enhance craters, ridges and other details of moon surface. Also, i painted "reflect" at dark side of the moon with brush.