Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter fortress

Real snowflake macro photo: Winter fortress - small sectored plate snow crystal with simple hexagonal shape and relief, glossy surface, divided by rows to six sectors
Snowflake photo: Winter fortress

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This is my first processed snowflake from this winter: small sectored plate crystal, slightly bigger than 1 millimeter. I already captured lots of new snow crystals, just need some time for processing!

Sectored plate snowflakes really amazing type: they have simple shape, but rich surface, full of relief details. I like that "rows", which divide plate to six sectors, and central pattern, resembling dark flower.

This crystal is good illustration, why i love small snowflakes so much: often they look more unusual than bigger crystals, and have their own beauty in simplicity.

14 identical RAW photos, taken as quick series, was averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio of this picture. Snowflake captured on glass surface with LED back light, with additional lens Helios 44M-5, January 2016, in Moscow, Russia.

Second version with slightly different colors:

Closeup snowflake photo: Winter fortress alternate - real snow crystal of sectored plate type with glossy, relief surface, divided by deep rows to six sectors, with amazing central pattern in dark flower shape
Snowflake photo: Winter fortress alternate

Snowfalls of January 3, 2016 brings us some very interesting and unusual crystals. My total catch of that day in snowflake archive tooks more than 7 gigabytes of RAW + Jpeg source photos. I've already processed two other snowflakes: Serenity and Sunflower, and have many other specimens to work!

Snowflake picture: Serenity - hexagonal plate crystal with high tech look and feel, sparkling on smooth gray and blue gradient backgroundSnowflake photo: Sunflower, unusual snow crystal with large, flat and empty center, relief outer rim and short arms, sparkling on pale blue background

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