Friday, December 4, 2015

Pastel colored crystals

Just trying various post-processing techniques of snowflake macro photos. Here is four snowflakes (Massive silver, Beneath a steel sky, Cryogenia and Wheel of time) in square frames on light pastel background:

Snowflake picture: Massive silver, real snow crystal with triangular center and short arms, in square frame against pale background
Snowflake picture: Massive silver

Picture of snowflake: Beneath a steel sky, small snow crystal with amazing shape and clearness, in square frame against bright gradient background
Snowflake picture: Beneath a steel sky

Snowflake image: Cryogenia, small hexagonal plate crystal with pattern of ancient runes, in square frame against pastel background
Snowflake picture: Cryogenia

Snowflake photo: Wheel of time, rare snow crystal with twelve arms, in square frame against pale pastel background
Snowflake picture: Wheel of time

Prints available at Artist website: crystal 1, crystal 2, crystal 3, crystal 4;
and crystal 1, crystal 2, crystal 3, crystal 4.

These snowflake pictures based on high resolution collage (120 megapixels):

Snowflake photo collage: Bright crystals 2012-2014 - 21 real snowflake macro images in square frames on light blue background

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