Friday, May 1, 2015

Dusty mirror

Snowflake macro photo: Dusty mirror, real snow crystal with turtle shape and unusual dense ring pattern of tiny dots around center
Snowflake photo: Dusty mirror

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This small snowflake with turtle-like shape really unusual, and i can't remember anything similar. It have high detailed rim and branches, and big, flat and empty center. But not completely empty: this central hexagon contains ring pattern of tiny dots, and this pattern also do not remind me any snowflake i've seen before.

This snow crystal was captured at glass plate with LED back light, with additional lens Helios 44, in January 2015, Moscow, Russia. 7 identical RAW photos was averaged to radically treat noise and reveal subtle details of this image. Central ring pattern of dots looks really bad without averaging.

One year after, i've captured another snowflake, which slightly reminds this one: Sunflower. It also have large, flat and empty central hexagon with pattern of tiny dots, relief outer rim and short arms, containing many details:

Closeup snowflake picture: Sunflower, unusual snow crystal with big, flat and empty central hexagon and relief outer rim and arms, sparkling on light blue background

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