Sunday, April 5, 2015


Snowflake macro photo: Enigma, tiny triangular plate snow crystal with high-tech look and feel, glittering on smooth gradient background
Snowflake photo: Enigma

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These triangular snowflakes are not very common: i have only few shots of them from 8 winters. In fact, these crystals are hexagons, with 3 long and 3 short sides. Sometimes i see some specimens among ice dust crystals (very small snowflakes, much lesser than 1 millimeter in size), but this crystal was relatively big: around 1.5 millimeters.

This snowflake have really weird and extraordinary "design": i can't remember anything similar to these three big slopes at edges. Central triangle with volume surface looks interesting too, as well as thin "carvings", which form the outer pattern, interleaved with slopes.

This unusual crystal was captured on large sheet of glass with LED back lighting, using additional optics Helios 44M-5 as magnifier. 11 identical RAW photos was taken as fast series, and averaged for improved signal/noise ratio of this picture. It was not easy to process, because almost all background around was covered by piles and clusters of other snowflakes, and cleaning them out was hard work.

Here you'll find other triangular jewels - Four directions, that i've captured same day (9 January 2015), and Almost triangle:

Snowflake image: Four directions - rare triangular snow crystal with simple pattern of straight lines and ridges inside, glittering on pale blue backgroundReal snowflake macro photo: Almost triangle - transparent snow crystal of triangular plate type, glowing on dark blue textured background

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