Thursday, March 12, 2015

Frozen hearts

Snowflake macro photo: Frozen hearts, real snow crystal with amazing and rare pattern of hearts around center, glittering on pink background
Snowflake photo: Frozen hearts

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Maybe this is "8 March snowflake" or "Valentine's day snowflake", but actually it was captured in January 2015. This tiny hexagonal plate crystal, lesser than 1 millimeter in size, shows us unusual pattern of six elements with heart shape, pointing at corners of hexagon. This is first case when i saw something resembling heart inside of snow crystal.

Unfortunately, i photographed this crystal not as good as it deserves: from 8 serial shots, which i've took for averaging process, 5 photos have poor lighting, and i had only three good source shots to work with. So, i've tried my best to remove noise as possible while preserving all significant snowflake details.

I processed this crystal in warm pink colors for birthday of my girl Lucy:

White queen (portrait of Lucy)

Later, i've enchanced this snowflake photo for slightly better contrast and colors.

And this is alternate color version:

Closeup snowflake picture: Frozen hearts, small hexagonal plate crystal with unusual pattern of six hearts, sparkling on blue-brown gradient background
Snowflake photo: Frozen hearts, alternate colors

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica).
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Also, one year after i was lucky to take photo of another snow crystal with six tiny hearts, connected to corners of central hexagon. This snowflake much bigger than first specimen:

Snowflake macro photo: Heart-powered star, real snow crystal with amazing pattern of six tiny hearts, connected to outer corners of central hexagon

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