Friday, November 14, 2014


Snowflake macro photo: Rigel - real snow crystal with sharp symmetrical arms, resembling six swords pointing inward, glowing on dark cyan wool background
Snowflake photo: Rigel

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Interior with snowflake print, haning on wall: real snow crystal with six ornate arms, resembling six swords, pointing inward

This is another stellar dendrite snowflake from January 2013. This snow crystal was difficult to work because it quickly melts at edges, while i captured series for averaging. Averaging photos with such serious differences leads to blurry zones (where melting occurs). So, i manually restored outer edges of snowflake using first photo from the series. 6 identical photos was averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio of this image. Background: dark grey woolen fabric, natural light from cloudy sky, external optics Helios 44M-5, Moscow, Russia.

My processing workflow includes manual drawing precise mask at contour of snowflake (to being able process crystal and background separately), and i used this mask again for variant with blurred background:

Snowflake picture: Rigel (blur version), stellar dendrite snow crystal with six sharp, ornate symmetrical arms, glowing at dark cyan blurred background
Snowflake picture: Rigel, blur variant

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This variant was used as square tile in collage Under the grey sky with three other snowflakes (Leaves of ice, Alioth and Vega):

Square collage in dark gray colors with four macro photos of real snowflakes in frames on blur background

Also, this snowflake available as Ultra HD wallpaper:

Snowflake wallpaper: Rigel, resolution up to Ultra HD 4K, standard and widescreen, 4:3, 5:4, 16:10 and 16:9, free download

This snow crystal, and Starlight are the most beautiful stellar dendrites from all my catch of January:

Snowflake picture: Starlight - stellar dendrite snow crystal with six sharp arms, resembling swords, pointing inward, sparkling on dark grey background

I also combined both snow crystals into one picture:

Snowflake picture: two stellar dendrite snow crystals with elegant shape and structure, long, sharp and ornate arms with side branches and transparent icy leaves, glitters on dark gray textured background
Snowflake photo: When winters meets 2

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica),,
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