Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bright crystals 2012-2014

Snowflake collage: 21 macro photos of real snow crystals in overlapping square frames on light blue - brown textured background
Snowflake collage: Bright crystals 2012-2014

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This is very high resolution (121 Megapixels) square collage with 21 real snowflake macro photos, photographed at glass surface with LED back lighting. All snow crystals you see here was not re-scaled, so their difference in size is real.

You can see here wide range of snow crystal shapes and sizes: from small and simple hexagonal plates to exotic snowflakes with 12 arms, and very large and complex fernlike dendrite snowflake (around 7 millimeters from tip to tip), which you see in the center.

Here is four single snowflakes in square frames on pastel background, based on this collage:

Snowflake images: four real snow crystals in square frames, sparkling on light pastel background

Also, i've prepared similar collage, only with dark snowflake photos, taken on black woolen fabric in natural light:

Snowflake photo collage - 18 closeup images of real snow crystals in square frames glowing on dark grey textured background

And here is two sililar collages, created in 2013 - bright crystals and dark crystals:

Snowflake images: light blue collage with grid of 25 square tiles with real snow crystals, captured on glass with cold back lighting Snowflake images: collage with square grid of 25 tiles with photos of real snow crystals on dark blue woolen background in natural light

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