Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Moscow international performing arts center (Московский интернациональный дом музыки) at night, with cold white and green lights, and dark blue sky - HDR photo by Alexey Kljatov
HDR photo: Rapture

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Room interior with white sofa, pillows, ceramic vase and large print with night city, hanging on wall. Ideas for home decor, interior design and gifts - alexey-kljatov.pixels.com

Revisited House of Music. I really like this building and it's environment. With new processing, it reminds me some place of underwater city Rapture from great game Bioshock.

Moscow, august 2014. HDR processing from 5 exposures (i used averaging of source exposures for better clarity and colors: 4 shots for brightest and 8 for each other exposure, 36 shots total).