Friday, July 4, 2014


Snowflake macro photo: Alioth, stellar dendrite snow crystal with simple broad arms, beautiful and complex inner pattern, glowing on dark grey wool background in natural light
Snowflake photo: Alioth

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This is medium size snowflake, around 4 millimeters from tip to tip. Somehow, it remind me glowing creature from deep sea. I like beautiful and unusual pattern in the center of crystal.

9 RAW photos, captured as fast series, was aligned and averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio of final image. Background: black woolen fabric, diffused light of dim cloudy sky, external optics Helios 44M-5, March 2013, Moscow.

Special version of this photo (with blur background) also used as square tile in collage Under the grey sky among three other snowflakes (Rigel, Leaves of ice and Vega):

Dark gray square picture of four magnified snowflakes in frames on blur background

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