Sunday, June 1, 2014

Twelve months

Snowflake macro photo: Twelve months, real snow crystal with 12 sharp, spear-like arms and complex structure, sparkling on pale blue gradient background
Snowflake photo: Twelve months

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Another 12-sided snowflake. This crystal was bigger, around 5 millimeters in diameter, and slightly harder to process (complicated shape and many ice debris in close proximity). Glass background with back light, additional lens Helios 44M-5, January 2014, Moscow. 8 RAWs averaged.

This is alternate color version:

Snowflake macro photo: Twelve months alternate, large 12-sided snow crystal with sharp ornate arms, captured on large glass sheet with LED back light
Snowflake photo: Twelve months (alternate)

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This snowflake available as desktop wallpaper in wallpapers section:

Snowflake photo wallpaper, Ultra HD 4K: 12 Months, large snow crystal with twelve arms on smooth gray-blue gradient background

Previous 12-sided snowflake: Wheel of time. And here you'll find very big snowflake with twelve arms, captured on dark woolen fabric.

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