Friday, April 11, 2014

From scratch

Snowflake macro photo: From scratch, hexagonal plate with symmetrical scratch across the crystal, sparkling on pale grey background in LED back light
Snowflake photo: From scratch

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This is another snowflake of my favorite type: simple hexagonal plate. This one was around 1 millimeter in diameter. Interesting: "scratch" across the crystal is symmetrical on both ends (it seems to be a part of it's pattern), and pattern elements at opposite sides of this scratch, though looks similar, have differences in size and shape.

This snow crystal was taken on glass background with multi-color LED back light, using additional lens Helios 44M-5, in january 2014, Moscow. 8 identical RAW photos was taken as short series and averaged to raise signal-to-noise ratio of this picture.

This snowflake before and after processing (please click to view in 1:1 scale on Flickr):

Snowflake photo processing - before and after

And here you'll find even more interesting hexagonal crystal - Cryogenia, captured right before this one, within same hour:

Snowflake photo: Cryogenia, simple hexagonal plate crystal with relief central hexagon and six marks, resembling ancient runes near outer rim, sparkling on bright blue background

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