Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Collection of hexagonal plate snowflakes

Hexagonal plates is one of my favorite snowflake types. These snow crystals are small, usually 1,5 millimeters or less, and biggest specimens that i've seen so far was around 2 millimeters in diameter. But, despite small size and very simple shape, these snowflakes have their own beauty, hidden in amazing patterns and internal structure.

Here is collection of already processed crystals from my huge snowflake archive, which i build within 8 winters of intensive photo sessions. I have lots of other amazing hexagonal plates in archive, but quality processing of such tiny object requires time and patience. I'll append here links to new processed photos when they are ready.

Just click on photos you like, and they will open as full resolution versions:

Snowflake macro photo: Less is more, hexagonal plate crystal with extremely simple shape and pattern, sparkling on light grey backgroundCloseup snowflake picture: Cloud wheel, tiny hexagonal plate snow crystal with interesting pattern inside, glittering on bright gradient background
Snowflake image: From scratch, small hexagonal plate with interesting pattern, resembling symmetrical scratch across the crystal, sparkling on pale gray backgroundCloseup snowflake photo: High tech of nature, very small hexagonal plate snow crystal with technical look and feel, glittering on smooth gradient background
Snowflake macro photo: Oak leaves or feathers, tiny hexagonal plate with amazing internal rows, divided crystal to six sectorsPicture of snowflake: Cryogenia, hexagonal plate crystal with techno-looking center and outer pattern, resembling ancient runes, on bright blue background
Snowflake image: Machinery of winter, small hexagonal plate snow crystal with technical look and feel, sparkling on smooth gradient backgroundSnowflake macro photo: Valentine's day, hexagonal plate crystal with amazing pattern of six hearts around central hexagon, glittering on light pink background
Snowflake image: In the hall of the mountain king, tiny hexagonal plate crystal with amazing purple center, caused by thin film interference effectPicture of snowflake: Molten glass, large hexagonal plate crystal with pattern, resembling clover leaves, on dark grey woolen backdrop
Snowflake macro photo: Web, small hexagonal plate snow crystal, resembling spider web with star in center, glowing on dark blue backgroundSnow crystal macro photo: Alien's data disk, small hexagonal plate snowflake with unusual pattern, resembling CD data storage, glowing on dark blue textured background
Closeup snowflake picture: Hex appeal, hexagonal plate crystal with amazing inner structure and clearness, glittering on dark grey woolen fabricSnowflake image: Radiant green, asymmetrical crystal of hexagonal plate type with amazing blue-green glow on dark woolen fabric in natural light

Here is similar collections of small and simple triangular and huge, complex fernlike dendrite snowflakes:

Four triangular snowflakes: small snow crystals with rare and unusual triangle shapeFour fernlike dendrite snowflakes: very big snow crystal with long, massive arms with many side branches and icy leaves

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