Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bluebells (light painting)

This is still life picture, done in light painting technique: bouquet of small bluebell flowers in glass cup on saucer, against black background:

Still life light painting picture: bouquet of small bluebell flowers in transparent glass cup on saucer, against black background
Light painting picture: Bluebells

Finally, i finished this picture from last summer. This image composed from 68 serial photos of same scene with different lighting. I've used simple flashlight with 3 LEDs (i use it also for back lighting of snowflake macro photos), with white semi-transparent diffusor, mounted after LEDs. Scene illuminated from different directions: from top, left, right, front, back, and different distances from flashlight to still-life composition.

After source photos was taken, i processed all photos with same parameters in RAW converter, and started manually painting masks for every photo, revealing only parts with most interesting light, and adding these parts to final mix. This was most interesting, but also time consuming work, and most of that time was spent on painting fine details for every petal of every flower.

When it was done, i've applied standard post-processing steps: noise removing, sharpening, color balance, local and global contrast enchancements. Overall, this work took many and many hours, but this sort of "painting photography" is really interesting task.

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