Saturday, February 15, 2014


Snowflake macro photo: Vega, large split plate snow crystal with broad arms and unusual simple structure, glowing on dark cyan background
Snowflake photo: Vega

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This snowflake was captured in March 25, 2013, along with many other excellent crystals - and without any traces of melting! Such good for snowflake photography, cold weather is not typical for late March in Moscow.

This snow crystal, though looks like "traditional" snowflake, is quite unusual: it is big (around 6 millimeters from tip to tip), but have very simple shape for such large size. And if you look closely at two upper arms, you can notice that they are slightly differs from four others; examining the center of this crystal in full resolution tell us that this crystal is typical example of split plate snowflake. You can find great description of this type in Kenneth Libbrecht's snowflake classification.

For this picture, i've captured 8 identical RAW photos in short series, and averaged them to boost signal-to-noise ratio. Background: dark woolen fabric, natural light (grey cloudy sky), external optics Helios 44M-5.

Here is another example of split plate snowflake, which i captured on glass surface with LED back light: Crystal of chaos and order:

Snowflake image: Crystal of chaos and order, real split plate / stellar dendrite snow crystal with complex and chaotic structure, glittering on bright gray-blue gradient background in cold light

Here is variant with blur background:

Snowflake macro photo: Vega II, big splitted plate snow crystal with broad arms on dark cyan blurred background
Snowflake photo: Vega II

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I used this variant as square tile in collage Under the grey sky with three other snowflakes (Rigel, Leaves of ice and Alioth):

Photo collage with four pictures of real snowflakes at high magnification, in square frames on dark gray blur background

And here is another large crystal that i've photographed same day - The beauty of imperfection - with one reduced arm, but gorgeous pattern in the center:

Snowflake photo: The beauty of imperfection, large stellar dendrite snow crystal with amazing central pattern, sparkling on dark gray wool background

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