Wednesday, January 15, 2014


snowflake macro photo

Finally, in Moscow good coldness and some snow, and i tried slightly different shooting: this medium sized crystal (around 3 mm) captured in natural light at glass surface. Macro setup stands on small desktop tripod and shoots at angle. For achieving acceptable DOF i focus stacked 13 shots (and 13 was not enough even for this single small crystal). Serie for focus stacking done using great script focus bracketing for CHDK firmware. Because i use focus stacking instead of averaging, it was hard time while denoising this picture, and still, noise is clearly visible. Definitely, this will not be my favourite shooting method, but it have it's own advantages: with it, we can get nice volumetric details of crystals surface, and good chances to catch colourful thin film optical interference effect in snowflake's centers.

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