Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The beauty of imperfection

Real snowflake macro photo: The beauty of imperfection, large stellar dendrite snow crystal with asymmetrical arms, but amazing central pattern, glowing on dark blue wool background
Snowflake photo: The beauty of imperfection (2096 x 1572)

This is large snowflake of stellar dendrite type, 5 or 6 millimeters from tip to tip. It have one reduced branch, but gorgeous pattern in the center:

Snowflake macro photo: The beauty of imperfection, pattern in the center of snow crystal
Crop of snowflake center in full size

7 identical RAW photos, taken as quick series, was aligned and averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio of this picture. Background: black woolen fabric, diffused light of gray winter sky, external optics Helios 44, March 2013, Moscow, Russia.

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Here is another snowflake with amazing pattern in the center - Ice crown:

Snowflake picture: Ice crown, snow crystal with broad arms and unusual pattern in the center, resembling coat of arms, glowing on dark blue background

And here you'll find much smaller, star-shaped crystal that i've captured same day - Alcor - with interesting contrast between flower-like inner structure, with curvy lines, and straight lines of outer hexagonal part:

Snowflake photo: Alcor, small star-shaped snow crystal with amazing flower-like inner pattern

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