Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ice dust

Ice dust, snowflake group macro photo

This is smallest ice crystals i've ever photographed. I think, bigger of them not large than 0,2 mm.

The story: in december 2012 in Moscow was a really cold week, without any snowflalls, clear skies day and night. While waiting for snow, i leave my glass surface outdoors, hoping to catch some flakes, if they fall at night. One morning i found it covered by ice dust, without any flakes visible by naked eye. As in this photo, i picked best looking crystals from whole frame and drag them in one compact group.

This is three in-camera jpeg's from this morning (please click on them to load full 12mp images):

snowflake macro photo snowflake macro photo snowflake macro photo

Also i photographed transparent ruler (at same distance from the lens as snowflakes) and blended it to snowflake shot to see scale:

Ruler_scale, snowflake macro photo

Ruler scale cropped, snowflake macro photo

Next ice dust picture:

Ice dust 2, snowflake macro photo by Alexey Kljatov

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