Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End of season 2013 - dark crystals

Pictures of snowflakes: dark blue collage with grid of 25 square tiles with real snowflake photos on dark woolen background in natural light
Snowflake collage: End of season - dark crystals (4997 x 4997)

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This is square collage with 25 interesting snowflake photos, which i've captured during winter 2012-2013. All these snow crystals was photographed on black woolen fabric in natural light from cloudy sky.

Individual snowflake pictures cropped as squares and arranged in a grid of 5 x 5 tiles, presenting wide range of snowflake sizes and shapes: from simple and small triangular and hexagonal plates to large and complex stellar dendrite crystals.

I already done high quality processing for seven snowflakes from all 25 that you see here: Almost triangle, Ice rainbow, Alcor, Shine, Alioth, Starlight and Rigel. These snow crystal images available in maximum resolution, while others still wait their full processing.

And here is two newer collages with snowflakes, captured in 2012-2014: bright crystals and dark crystals.

Also, i've prepared similar collection with 25 bright snowflakes, captured on glass surface with LED back light:

Snowflake images: light blue collage with grid of 25 square tiles with real snowflakes, captured on glass with LED back lighting

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Here you'll find snowflake photo wallpapers in numerous resolutions and screen proportions, up to Ultra HD 4K.
And here is article about snowflake macro photography.


  1. Your work is amazing..I can't believe that those things are just around me ! You're such a good photographer and you really deserve the best ! I have a question and I really hope that you'll answer me, will you post the 18 others snowflakes of this snowflake collage called "dark crystals" ? I reeeeaaaaly want to see those snowflakes in full resolution because they seem to be awesome and so perfect..I mean, thanks to you I have now this passion for snowflakes and that's one of the only thing that matters to me at the moment x)

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, most of these snowflake photos is not processed yet.

    2. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't have any response notification x)
      I understand the fact that you did not processed those pictures but at least can I wait and hope for you to process them or will they never be processed ? Because I can wait for 10 years there is no problem x)

    3. The problem is that not every of these snowflakes have enough quality, so they worth processing time: all of them were captured so long ago. Meanwhile, i have lots and lots of newer snowflake photos, which are much better, and their processing is my main priority. My new job cuts out significant amount of free time that i had previously, but i'll try to return to these old photos sometime. :)

  2. Oh I see ! No problem so, as long as you have new amazing pictures of snowflakes I'm happy ! :D Keep it up and continue to amaze us everyday :D